Erin MacAdams (they/them)

I am a nonbinary tattoo artist in the Pacific Northwest.

I’m inspired by art history, nature, witchy themes, tarot, color theory, queer theory, surrealism and neotraditional style. I try to drop in life drawing sessions when I can. I am always working on creating and improving my craft. I love to work in many mediums; digitally, tattoos, acrylic painting, colored pencil, alcohol markers and mixed media. I also love to experiment with animation.

I grew up in Michigan and have a BFA from Eastern Michigan University. I have been a licensed tattooer in Oregon for 5 years. I live in Portland with my wife and bossy cat.

I offer digital and acrylic commissions. I tattoo in SE Portland. If you have a cool art or design project I’d love to collaborate. Lets make weird animation or paint a mural or something!

Photograph of Me tattooing at The All In Tattoo Co in Albany OR

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