In 9 days I’ll be on my way to Venice!!!

Digital Illustration of the Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge, Venice Italy

Today I took my car to get serviced. I grabbed a coffee and drew this illustration. I am so excited to go to Italy!! We never got to go on a big honeymoon trip so we’re doing it up this anniversary. I’m gonna look at so much art! And eat so much good food!!

I’m not sure how responsive to messages or emails I will be while I’m gone. But for sure I will go through them when I am back on the 18th. I’ll be coming back inspired and filling up my schedule with cool ass tattoos and holiday commissions!

I have some time available in my schedule before I leave. From now to the 5th I have tattoo appointments available. Otherwise I’ll be booking after September 22nd.

Don’t forget to hit me up if you’d like a commission for the holidays. I will have limited time so sign up early. I do digital illustration and acrylic paintings. I can do portraits, pets, landscapes, original characters… any idea you got we can make happen!

My wife and I with arms around each other outside at Edgefield. Both wearing hats and smiling.

Instagram Giveaway

Hello everyone! Hope y’all are staying cool in this heat.

I am running a giveaway over on Instagram! I want to grow my followers there so any help would be wonderful. The goal is to hit 600 followers (I’ll definitely do another giveaway at 1000).

I will be raffling off a free palm sized flash tattoo. It can be anything I have drawn up here or over on Instagram @erin_m_creates

In the original post I said y’all had til August 1st to enter but I am going to extend this one more week. So enter to win by August 7th!!

Gonna share a bunch of tattoos and art I’ve made recently!!

I’ve been feeling really creative and confident in my skills recently. Having fun making art! I’ve been just drawing and getting better. It feels weird to not feel imposter syndrome but I think I’m a better artist when I am confident.

Thank you so much to everyone who has trusted me to tattoo them!! I’m just gonna keep growing!

05/14 Updates

Hello Everyone! I have some updates to share!

Brightly colored sheet of Friday the 13th Tattoo designs. Including flowers, ice cream cone, an alien, skulls, strawberries, orange and others.
Friday the 13th Flash Sheet
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255 I had a family member die this week. It has been hitting me especially hard because so much of my family struggles with mental illness. It’s hard to loose someone and have my whole family far away. I want to apologize for missing our Friday the 13th Flash Event. I will be offering my flash designs all weekend. So if I missed you I can get you in. Thanks for understanding!!
  • I will be updating my schedule. It’s basically the same but Thursday/Friday will be 12-5 and Saturday/Sunday will be by appointment only.
  • I have a few pieces of artwork in an online art exhibit for Queer Trans Fat Artists. My art in this show is for sale. Here is the link to check out everyone’s awesome work.
  • This is a bit of a random update but I am loving Our Flag Means Death and the talented fandom. If anyone wants an OFMD tattoo I am so down for that.

2022 Updates!

Page of digital small tattoo flash designs featuring flower designs, rabbits and a butterfly
Spring Inspired Flash

Hello I wanted to give y’all a bit of an update on my life and work!!

We have moved back to Portland and I’ve started working at Saint and Sinners Tattoo in SE. I work there Thursday Friday 12-5 and Saturday Sunday 12-8. I’ve been struggling with my mental health but am doing much better and am recommitting to making art and tattoos. I am still available for commissions as I have time for them. I work part time at an office one day a week. LIfe is busier and good. Having fun playing DND. We’re able to afford small things for ourselves and eating out occasionally. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to do that.

So excited to make more art, grow and learn this Spring/Summer. Hope to work with y’all on some awesome new designs. I’d love to do witchy, nature inspired, colorful, neotraditional, art historical or queer designs of any kind.

Pet Portraits

Recently I have had a lot of fun painting pet portraits for some of my friends and family. I am always open for commissions of acrylic paintings of any of your animals.

First we’ll chat about pricing size reference photos and any colors or elements you’d like to include. Then I send you a selection of thumbnails for you to chose your favorite. Finally I make you a one of a kind painting of your baby.

One Day Only Show with The Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts 2020

If you’re in Oregon come check out my work at a One Day Only Show through the Lake Oswego Festival of the arts this Sunday the 27th. The event is taking place outside. Also limited guests will be allowed in to create space for social distancing so I will not be there to answer questions or say hi but I’ll have some art up and for sale.

Check out their website for more info

Lets Make Art Together

Where can you buy art and support me as an artist?

Redbubble! Where you can buy many of my digital designs on tshirts stickers masks etc. I am always adding new designs and am excited to fill my shop with cute spooky Autumn themed art.

Etsy! Where you can get your hands on an original piece of art made by me. I make hand painted patches and mixed media pieces. I love to use acrylic, watercolor, alcohol markers and colored pencil.

Don’t forget right here on my website you can look through my portfolio, my cv and find links to all my social media. I appreciate any follows and love to share in our online artistic community.

Shoot me a message if you’re interested in ordering a commission from me or collaborate on an art project.

Life is changing rapidly right now, lets get creative in the ways we work and relate to each other through art.