Spring, HRT and Tattoos

Hey everyone! Wanted to post a little update. Springtime is lovely. I like to see everyone’s tattoos again. I’ve started Testosterone. So if I’m sounding different or anything. I’m very excited. I’ve been trying to start HRT for so long. I wouldn’t have been able to at all without excellent community care. And lastly tattoos!!!Continue reading “Spring, HRT and Tattoos”

Gonna share a bunch of tattoos and art I’ve made recently!!

I’ve been feeling really creative and confident in my skills recently. Having fun making art! I’ve been just drawing and getting better. It feels weird to not feel imposter syndrome but I think I’m a better artist when I am confident. Thank you so much to everyone who has trusted me to tattoo them!! I’mContinue reading “Gonna share a bunch of tattoos and art I’ve made recently!!”