05/14 Updates

Hello Everyone! I have some updates to share!

Brightly colored sheet of Friday the 13th Tattoo designs. Including flowers, ice cream cone, an alien, skulls, strawberries, orange and others.
Friday the 13th Flash Sheet
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255 I had a family member die this week. It has been hitting me especially hard because so much of my family struggles with mental illness. It’s hard to loose someone and have my whole family far away. I want to apologize for missing our Friday the 13th Flash Event. I will be offering my flash designs all weekend. So if I missed you I can get you in. Thanks for understanding!!
  • I will be updating my schedule. It’s basically the same but Thursday/Friday will be 12-5 and Saturday/Sunday will be by appointment only.
  • I have a few pieces of artwork in an online art exhibit for Queer Trans Fat Artists. My art in this show is for sale. Here is the link to check out everyone’s awesome work. https://www.oarbt.com/exhibition/published/ab9e0b4bbb?QT-Fat-Art-Gallery
  • This is a bit of a random update but I am loving Our Flag Means Death and the talented fandom. If anyone wants an OFMD tattoo I am so down for that.

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