In 9 days I’ll be on my way to Venice!!!

Digital Illustration of the Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge, Venice Italy

Today I took my car to get serviced. I grabbed a coffee and drew this illustration. I am so excited to go to Italy!! We never got to go on a big honeymoon trip so we’re doing it up this anniversary. I’m gonna look at so much art! And eat so much good food!!

I’m not sure how responsive to messages or emails I will be while I’m gone. But for sure I will go through them when I am back on the 18th. I’ll be coming back inspired and filling up my schedule with cool ass tattoos and holiday commissions!

I have some time available in my schedule before I leave. From now to the 5th I have tattoo appointments available. Otherwise I’ll be booking after September 22nd.

Don’t forget to hit me up if you’d like a commission for the holidays. I will have limited time so sign up early. I do digital illustration and acrylic paintings. I can do portraits, pets, landscapes, original characters… any idea you got we can make happen!

My wife and I with arms around each other outside at Edgefield. Both wearing hats and smiling.

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