February 2023 Updates

I am currently booking tattoos in the end of February beginning of March Thursdays through Sundays 12p-8p

I apologize for being a little absent in the first half of the month. I traveled home to Michigan for the first time in 7 years. It was both lovely and exhausting, as visits home tend to be. I also apologize for missing my shops Valentines Day Flash day. I’d be happy to still tattoo any of these designs at the discounted price if you book with me before the end of February (appointment can be in March).

$150-200 Valentines Flash. I am happy to put a picture of your pet in a cute heart with embellishments.
$100 Valentines Day Flash
$80 Astrological Symbols (+$50 added to an existing appointment)

I’m excited to try new things and really get myself out in the community. On February 21st I set up an art table at an awesome new queer art monthly event at Escape Bar. It was super fun. I have a couple paintings in an upcoming exhibit at Sonny’s House Of called My Buddy Dorothy. The opening of that exhibit is on March 3rd and I will have more info to share on my instagram. Join me there @erin_m_creates

My table at the Art Carnival event I attended. Next event is March 21st and Blasphemy themed

Here’s to more cool art and tattoos in March!! I’m about to renew my license and it’s wild to think it’s been 7 years since I started learning at tattoo school. I’m feeling confident and I know I have more to learn. Please help me survive. Book a tattoo or grab an acrylic or digital commission!! It really helps me and my family out. Especially since my wife was laid off in December. Thank you to everyone who has trusted me with their tattoos over the years!!!!

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